Thursday, 19 March 2015


On this baron land
All that can be seen is sand
Sand, sand
With the occasional rock
Oh that rock!
My rock!
My rock around the clock
Tick, tock
My lock to life
My happy life
But the sands of time
Are out of rhyme
The sands are desolate
Stranded with the test of time
The golden sun
Has lost its wonder
Never to ponder
Its spectacle
Or ever wonder
Why, oh why?
This is a goodbye
Our special place
With all its traces
You stood me up
Leaving me stranded like a fool
Feeling like your tool
Your fix
With all your stupid tricks
Oh I can see it now!
Oh this is goodbye
Without a shed of a tear
And facing life without fear
I’ll remember this year
Not for the bad
But for the lessons
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th March 2015

All Rights Reserved

Just for you guys 

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