Tuesday, 24 March 2015


It seems just like a fantasy
Imagining the imaginary
I have this wondrous image
An image of you
Of us two
A hope and a wish
That it will all come true
In my mind’s eye
You’ll never pass me by
You’ll stop and say hi
I’ve longed for a love of my own
A real love of my own
A hope and wish
But this love is so distant
It’s not going to happen in an instant
It’s a waiting game
A patience game
But here I stand feeling so lame
That in some way I’m to blame
I’m exhausted with all the talking
All the walking
Chasing a dream that might not come true
The hurt and the pain
Still remains
Is it worth it?
To go through it
Time and time
Or do the waiting game?
My head says no
My heart is twisted and does not know
Maybe let this hearts hurt
Heal for real
And wait; walk, with no more talk
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
3rd April 2014

All Rights Reserved

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