Tuesday, 3 March 2015

STICK THEM UP (Tuesday Funny poem)


Stick them up
Oh give it a break
For goodness sake
You always want to fight
It is not right
You are bully at times
And frighten me at times
I may be scrawny
But I sure aren’t weak
But by heck
You’re going to get it
Oh by the way its
No fighting day
Just a rest day
Fun day
Cos mum is watching
And look out if she sees
You with those fists
Stuck up!
What is your problem?
You are always such a bother
Just go and leave me alone
And pick on someone else
Or better still don’t!
That causes more trouble
And that isn’t worth it
Right now
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
20th May 2012
All Rights Reserved

Just for you JK

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