Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Whichever way you sway
To the left or right
One will be hot and cold
Your heat thrills me
Your chilliness leaves nothing to caress
You’re out of reach out of touch
You back off with your chilliness
Then you back off with the heat
When, when does it all stop?
Dam if I did that to you too
You wouldn’t be here
Oh dear
Come over here
Let me give some to you too!
But this chilliness is sheer bliss business
You’ll never be cold, frozen to the core
I twist and turn but fear not that you shall burn
The heat is a treat, to meet and greet
It’ll warm the heart when you hurt
Swishing and swashing
Twisting and turning
Swirling and curling
Top to bottom
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
28th May 2013

All Rights Reserved

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