Saturday, 11 April 2015


To those that walk with our Lord
Hand- in – hand
Side – by – side
Blessed Be
With His love that resides
Blessed Be
To those that can walk a mile
To those that can smile
To those that can cry
To those that do not know why

Blessed Be
To our Lords children
Suppressed, oppressed
Forgive those
Regimes that have deemed
Regimes that have seemed
Regimes that cleaned
Regimes that have cleansed
Regimes that have destroyed
Regimes and their ploys that have played
Regimes that have used their peoples as toys
Regimes that have toyed

Forgive them for their oppressed silent silence
Forgive them for their aggravated violence
Dear Lord we pray that they will find a better way

Blessed Be
For those that walk in the dark, dark shadows
For those that walk in the shallows
For there will always be a light

Blessed Be
With all His Might
That we pray for a better day
Blessed Be
That Dear Lord that you’ll comfort and guide us
Dear Lord that you’ll comfort and guide them out of the regimes
Dear Lord we pray that you’ll protect and shield them and us
Dear Lord we beseech thee that one day
Happiness reigns supreme
Love reigns supreme
Love and happiness
Be our quest
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
25th January 2015

All Rights Reserved

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