Thursday, 2 April 2015


It resides with in your hands
Powerful, strong

Let your power reach out to those that are not so strong
So that they may hold on
To your strength
And courage
No bars withheld
For the love and friendship
Never ceases and never ends

Let your power
Be a shining light
In a world that is in
Tatters and torn
And so worn

Let your power be for truth
Let your power be for justice
Let your power be for your own faith
Let your power be for your own belief
Let your power be for what you believe
Not what you perceive
But what you see, sense, feel and understand

Let your power
Hold each hand
Around this world
Making peace, love,
And happiness
That this world needs so much
All it takes is one tender touch
The power is within
Let your power
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st April 2015

All Rights Reserved

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