Sunday, 28 June 2015


Here I sit
Trying to compose
Something so real and so true
That heaven made you for me
To sit by my side

It must have been hard to leave heaven’s door
To be with me forever more
What more can I say that hasn’t been said before?
I love unconditionally like no one has ever done
As your love for me is heaven sent

Whilst I am away from home
Or spending time with friends
I know that you are not so far away
Watching, guarding and   protecting in everyway

I always feel your presence
It feels so warm and reassuring
Like a warm log fire burning
Glowing bright that shines in the night
My angel all through the day and sweet night

Each and every night I say a prayer
Of thanks for a wonderful day
That your presence has made
And how thankful that I am for you
Chasing away any fears, tears
Worries that I have spoken of during the day

My angel by my side
Thank you for being here
By my side
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th April 2012

All Rights Reserved

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