Thursday, 25 June 2015


Hope is where the heart is
Hope is when you open the door
Hope is hoping that love will arrive
Hope is hoping that there is not much to strive
Hope is hoping you will come back
Hope is that the light comes back
I’m opening the door
Where there is much more
A strong shaft of light
That can conquer this fright
I’m not sure of anything anymore
But I so want, need much more
My hope is for ever more
Even if you do not come back
It wasn’t through trying
But it was your lack
Lack of trying
Yet here I stand
With my hand
Tentatively, hesitantly
Love has taught me to be cautious
Love has taught me to be patient
Love has taught me it can all go wrong
Love has taught me it can be a splendid thing
A heart full of joy, bliss
This heart does surely miss
So today I am placing hope in first place
A hope for you and me
That there is a better place
A place of real hope
For love and adoration
For our duration
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
24th June 2015

All Rights Reserved

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