Sunday, 14 June 2015


I let you in and that is where we began
We bared all
Including the cat calls
At first I was tentative
Very sensitive
Never knowing what to say or do
Diplomacy, discretion
Was my key and keywords
But you wanted it all
The bareness
Right from the start
It all startled me this frankness
This starkness
Then you started to criticize  
Criticize everything that I said or did
Yet you were never in the wrong!
Always in the right!
How come?
Criticized all those that came into my life
You caused so much trouble and strife
Your envious nature
Became your enemy
It also became mine too
Then you cannot prove it!
All because it was part of you and not me!
Departure is the key factor
So I slither out of the door
Nakedness raw to the bone
Nakedness never more
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
14th June 2015

All Rights Reserved  

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