Monday, 1 June 2015


Instead of leaving me naked
On this shore, shore line
Broken with time
Here I lay trying to wash away the blues
Feeling the blues
All the colours and hues
Gone, gone
Wanting these waves to wash me out to the open seas
Drowning, drowning
Down, down
To the oceans beds
Sense and sensibility slipping away
Logic and logically astray
Since you left me all alone
They say never go back to an old love
As it’ll never be the same
Wings of a dove above
Tell me so
But I am not an old love
But you went back
Leaving me drowning with tears
Drowning in sorrow
Wondering if we have tomorrow
Wondering, wondering
If things will work out
We use to have a good love
But it is now gone, gone!
I just don’t understand
Understand, understand
Boy oh boy
Missing you and me
Me and you
Wondering who needs to change their ways
Wondering if you’ll want to stay
Who wrote the book on love?
Cos this sure is not a love!
A love not on your part
Who wrote that dam book on love?
Was it sent from above?
Who wrote that dam book on love?
Cos they sure do not know how this heart aches
Breaks, breaks
I wanna be your lover
I wanna be your lover

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st June 2015

All Rights Reserved 

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