Thursday, 18 June 2015


Even though you cannot be bothered!
Yet you always knew that I was bothered
Never in a negative way either
I stuck my neck out
Why did you shout?
What was that all about?
You called me for help
And then you yelp
Is it any wonder that I know longer can be bothered
You left me stranded
Stuck here on these freezing cold steps
The rain pelting down
I saw you frown
I saw you in town
Oh yes dear buddy
Well it is getting to the stage you’ll no longer be that
I loved you!
Adored you!
But you knew that
Yet you are too scared to commit
You need to be in control
You want it on your terms
Nothing and no one matters
I know what lies beneath
You don’t think I know it
But you need to know it
You cannot keep running
Running away from your feelings
I know it and you know it
But you just keep running
Instead of confronting them
Your life would be so awesome
So wondrous
But I’ll sit here totally covered
And here is my message
Please be bothered!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th June 2015

All Rights Reserved

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