Tuesday, 30 June 2015


With the powers that sings
My prayers for you sent to the heavens
Way beyond the blue skies
The universe, the atmospheres
I heard you sing
Such a happy thing
This is what we like to hear
It brings us much cheer
Your sadness is beginning to clear
Yet you are working too hard
We want you to play just like a child
Have you forgotten?
How you were created
Created as a child in spirit
Created as a child with spirit
Created to play, sing, dance
We watch from a distance
Have you ever asked your inner child how they feel today?
Have you ever instinctively gone out to play?
Hooray if you did and do
That is what we want you to do
The shackles of this society of yours
Holds you back
Let go and be the truest of truest
Let your own wings unfurl
Whether you be a boy or girl
Bring out your child
And more besides
Then you’ll be happy
Is all that your angel wants you to be
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
30th June 2015

All Rights Reserved 

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