Sunday, 21 June 2015

THE LONG ROAD AHEAD (part of my life story)

That leads to my homestead
Rich and pure
That is for sure
It’s a lonely road
Just wish that you had been here
But you’d rather be back there
Instead of here
I cannot go back
I cannot back track
That road so troubled, worried
That carried such falsities
You’d rather I’d stayed
Stayed in a cocoon
With no room
You’d rather I’d be by your side
Where there was no room
Room to breath
Breath of breath
It would have been my death!
You loathed the successes
You loathed the adulations
You loathed the admirations
But you loved my weaknesses
Yet these were and are my strengths
Strengths to walk away
Walk right, right away!
To my homestead faraway
The long road ahead
It’s where I’m a heading
It’s loveless
Yet covet less
The clouds maybe grey
But I am going anyway
To a future that has been destined
My destiny
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th January 2014

All Rights Reserved

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