Friday, 26 June 2015


I look to the being a soldier of love
I’ll strive and hopefully arrive
At my destination
Without hesitation
No bullets or guns
Just a peaceful
Soldier for love
Where heaven is our place here on this earth
Do you feel the same?
That this soldier of love
Is not a game
We are serious
Enigmatically, mysterious
Yet we shout it from the roof tops
Shout it from the mountain tops
Hoping, hoping that someone will hear us
We all want the same thing
Love, Love
From the heavens above
Yet we soldier on and on
Dreaming, dreaming and dreaming
For love, love and more love
We all want it
We all need it
We all need the power of love
We all need the tenderest moments with love
We all need the passion of love
We need love
In the summer, spring, autumn and winter
Oh come and find me
Make me happy
Yet I will soldier on
For as long as it takes
Even through the mistakes
I will soldier on and on
Grasping, gasping
In my nakedness
In my bareness
Just for you and you alone
So come soldier take me as your own
I’m the one who needs you
I’m the one who wants you
So come soldier of love take, take me
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th June 2015

All Rights Reserved 

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