Thursday, 2 July 2015


This back is turned and not for turning around
I sit quietly here within this beauty spot
I have contemplated, anticipated and considered
Every angle that has been humanly possible
But for once there is a need to back track
A very, very short going back
There was no beauty, love that adorned
That wayward, unruly errant world
Now all I see is beauty that surrounds me
Filling this world with such wondrous glee
The only reflections that will be taking place
Will be the ones in the wondrous rivers, streams
The flowers, the trees, all carefree
Like this inward spirit should be
Happiness abound, no boundaries around
Love with all my heart, oh this shall never depart
So if you see me looking back
It’s only to backtrack for a little while
Yet amongst this beauty there is hope
A hope of finding my beau
Not a showy peacock
Just a pure and simple beau
Who knows how to shine!
Who knows he’ll be mine
Who knows our love can be divine
That’ll cover an eternal time
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
2nd July 2015
All Rights Reserved

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