Monday, 6 July 2015


Maybe too deeply
In my memories where love was so, so true
It was just me and you
We fell so deeply
Swallowed in each other’s rivers, streams and oceans
A passion so real that you always said
“So surreal”
“I want, need more of you”
“I want to dive into your oceans”
You pull me into your arms
I begin to breathe
You are my half of this world
You are my sun
And our lives have just begun
And I never want this to end
Even though it sends others round the bend
But we let them go
When you are not here it seems half my world is gone
We loathe the separation
Our misery, our despondency
There is no calmness in this ocean of mine
The tempest, your temptress
Is seeking you out
Across this high, high tall buildings roof top
I shout!
But you do not hear
I so wish that you were near
My one and only soul provider
Gift of my eternal love
Gift of my eternal trust
Gift of my eternal life time
Gift of my heart and soul
Oh how I love and adore you
All that I say and do is so, so true
Come to this dock where we lock
Hand in hand
Body to body
Closing the world off
Our own world
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th July 2015

All Rights Reserved 

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