Friday, 3 July 2015


Love is being home
Love is coming home
Love is when I cannot get enough of you!
My love for you thrills, excites me so
So much that I want more and more
A love that cannot hold us down
A love without a frown
This is no infatuation
This is passion
This is obsession
This is rapture
This is pure, pure ecstasy
Pure, pure euphoria
I’m addicted to you!
I cannot walk away
I don’t want to break away, away
I want to breathe the scent of you
Feel the scent of you
Touch the senses of you
Your caresses
Up and down this body
Reducing me into a heightened pleasure
He comes and pulls me to him
Closer and closer
Body against body
Wrapped in each other’s arms
Wrapped in your arms where I feel free
Free to express, free to become what I can become
Free to be your moon, stars and the sun
Our pulses beating to the rhythm of our heartbeats
He fulfils the craving, craving
He is part of me
A melody, harmony
My honey
Kissed and caressed by my destiny
Stripped of all clothes
Stripped of all materials
Stripped of all inhibitions
Hold me
Thrill me
Never stop kissing me
My beau and Adonis
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
3rd July 2015

All Rights Reserved 

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