Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Just an awesome word
Is what I need so desperately in my world!
Hush the sounds in my head
Hush the sounds from this world
Hush the sounds from you!
Yes you!
Your ranting and raving
For your selfish craving
Craving for my space and time
Yet you won’t let me in yours
You want to keep going backwards
Instead of forwards
How can a love survive on that basis?
I cannot wait any longer
It is time for my space and time
My heart is breaking
But I must be forsaking
I’ll miss you
I’ll miss the hoping
Hoping that you’ll hear for the last time
But you just shrugged your shoulders
Like you had great huge boulders
I cannot wait
The waiting the anticipation
The dithering the wondering
I can no longer be your backwards woman
It does not work like that any more
You’ll keep finding out why
Or will you?
I know I will and do
Goodbye my love
This is the end of this story
With no glory
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st July 2015

All Rights Reserved

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