Wednesday, 15 July 2015


We both were blown away
A steamy love affair
With no care
We were wrapped in each other
Never seeming to bother
We broke the rules
Yet here I stand looking back
Back with no regrets
Somehow I knew
It wouldn’t come true
It just seems like a facade
With nothing real
We used one another
Or did we?
Not on my behalf it wasn’t
I loved you
I adored you
But you had your commitments
Your loyalties laid elsewhere
Your family
Your wife
Your children
You could not give it all up
Yet we had a child
Yes the one and only child
You only ever saw her once in a photo
Wrapped and swathed in a shawl
I had to let you go
So my child could grow
So I could grow
Grow away from you
But never forgetting you
My lessons learnt
And I’ll teach my child too
The perils
Of having an affair with a married man
It does not bode well
It surely has not in my case
But my child shall be well
In all that she does in life
She’ll carry a heart so pure
Pure enough to know right from wrong
She’ll grow up strong
She carries your genes
And I so, so know where she will lean!
Her path of destiny
Cannot be changed
Who knows my love!
Maybe just maybe
She’ll love and be loved
In that circle
And find her true love
Oh heavens above hear me please?
Guide her, protect her
Through the storms and seas
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
15th July 2015

All Rights Reserved

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