Friday, 10 July 2015


You strummed every part of me
Your tender touch
That meant so much
All those memories played
Like a never ending song
That goes on for so long
A song that I thought would never end
And here I am going round and round
That never ending bend
I thought that I belonged to you
I thought that you loved me!
And here I sit
Feeling like shit
You were my temptation
My sensation
Now you want me back!
All because of what she lacked
Your temptress
With her long, long tresses
Do I need you back?
After all your betrayal
Strumming her
Whilst strumming me
I do not think so!
I’ll keep my memories
Of our love forlorn
Your guitar
Will stay with me
Not as a memory
But a new memory
A new tune that I’ll make
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th July 2015

All Rights Reserved

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