Sunday, 6 December 2015


Taken from the anthology ‘Warrior Women’
As of yet not published
© Teresa Joseph Franklin

Whilst walking these precariously unbalanced
Worlds of ours
A world that tosses, turns and churns
This way that way
Inside and outside
Shakes us agitates us too
The blend of sorrow and pain array
In the array of entitlements
Wants and needs
There stands a stance
For instance
Walking precariously with doubt fear
And tears
That the future is never clear
Clear cut without doubt
A shadow of a doubt
So we walk the walk
Without the talk
Until we see the hero, heroine
The bravest of the bravest souls
Bravest of hearts
With our own beauty and grace
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

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