Monday, 7 December 2015


Even though you have gone!
You’ve used and abused
You’ll never know the truth
Your own head in the lofty clouds
Doing your own thing
Wanting your own thing
Manier woman you have broken in two
You’ve played the seductive tune
Seduction personified
Your fingers playing, playing
Jazz, Jazz
Now it feels like a war in my heart
Did you think or believe
That I had a bullet proof soul?
My love was like no other
But it was a bother
A bother to you!
Sadness, sadness
You just took it all
And still the tears keep a running
Yet you did not appreciate this out of the ordinary
You wanted uncomplicated
You wanted a LOVER!
You wanted a friend
But I truly know it was not like that!
You were and are bloody scared!
You’ll never find that elusive love
Because she is right under your nose!
Nose, nose
Because she knows
She knows you!
You are too afraid to be alone
So you say!
Sweetness, sweetness
Make your mind up before it is too late
And that gate
Will be permanently shut
And no one will want to know you!
I have the memories
Memories that were and are still precious
But I cannot go backwards
Memories are not enough
I want more than that
I couldn’t have loved you more boy
But you didn’t
Yet I know you
Know you, know you
Loneliness is a killer
A killer of the heart and soul
A void, a void
You so avoid
Yet I’m hungry for life and love
That you cannot give
Or can you?
Or could you?
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
7th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

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