Tuesday, 15 December 2015


So stop walking through my door
It’s time for you to leave me
I’m stronger now
I’m not the weakling anymore
I don’t need your advice
I’m past those weak, weak moments
I can handle my own affairs
Oh and by the way with such flair
This is my home not yours
The invitation was and still is rescinded
You may say
“I still care”
Okay I totally agree with you there
But why oh why
Keeping coming by?
Do you not realize?
There was a time I kept looking
Watching and looking at you
Deep within I found it to be a wonderful distraction
But now! With you watching me
It is now disturbing
You watch every step that I make
My every waking moment
Please come on I have stopped
What do you see in me?
Are you full of envy?
Just take a long, long look
The woman you see before you
Is so, so true to herself!
There is now serenity!
She is holding her own
Time is on my side
Like it is with you!
You have your own crowning successes
And in time so will mine
We move in different circles
Yours in the acting
Mine in the writing
You may say they are connected
But your world is not for me!
And please, please stay out of mine
My circle is complete
Completed, completion
I’m forward thinking and in motion
Like a runaway train
But I have control
And what is more is I love it!
No machines breaking down
The wheels are in motion
Oiled and greased
There is no stopping me!
This is making me happy!
Take a long, long look
And remember what you took!
You’ll never be able to hide
It’ll always reside
Reside in those recesses
Of your mind
But I guess you don’t have conscious
And I just don’t need you anymore
My ship is a sailing upon the shores
Heading in a direction for evermore
So this is a final
The curtain of this play
Has been drawn to a close
Drawn by me
And not you
Because I don’t need you anymore
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
16th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

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