Thursday, 31 December 2015


Upon this shores gate
This wide expanse that is filled with waste
It stretches beyond the lands and hands
Those have laid their hands upon
Looked upon
Walked upon these sands
Whilst I am here standing and waiting
I look out to the distance
The waves rising and falling
Just like our love
Never knowing whether we are
Coming and going
Just like two passing ships in the night
For a short while you are here
Oh such bliss I can hear
This heart has been touched
So very, very much
It is so hard when we depart
It tears this heart
So wide apart
Oh this aching, aching heart!
The absolute sheer ecstasy
The thrill so bliss
The excitement with your kiss
The passion in your touch
Oh the love I feel so much
The happiness that we feel
A happiness that feels surreal
The pleasure and the pain!
What more can we gain?
You have me in a trance
 With just one glance
Come back my lover!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st January 2016

All Rights Reserved

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