Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Just a simple person
Sitting quietly, unassumingly
Yet I am not alone 
The world surrounds me
The people, the animals
The sun, the moon
The stars way above
But yet you say that I am alone
Lonely, lost and confused
So here goes!
All my thoughts, words, feelings
Written in complete verse
Without the rhyming
And no timing
As this is going to take time
It’ll be like climbing a mountain
A sprouting fountain
Written honestly, truthfully
With total conviction
One step at a time
If I was to paint pretty pictures
That is so unreal
Yet so surreal
Would you still love me?
Would you still want to be with me?
Would you fill this empty heart?
A heart that has been torn apart
Can you, could you
Heal this heart
Fill the lonely, lost and confusion with
Peace and calmness
Would you, could you
Lay the past to rest and live our own truths
Live that once held dream
We both held so dear, so clear
I loathe this being sexy and single
We’re both floating in the air
I care, I care
Do you?
There is so much that has been left unsaid
Is it too late?
Is the picture perfect?
Yet it does not justify the agonizing agony
Under the bridges
There is no lost or found
Just an endless river flowing and flowing 
Downwards, downwards
Can you hear my truth?
Can you feel my truth?
Can you feel my reality?
Do you know my reality?
Can we find away today?
Can we feel the freedom to be?
You’ll never be alone
I’m here and there hopefully
Totally if you’ll only just let me!
Can we walk through that fire?
That fire of desire
Passions, sensual passions
Call me, call me
And I’ll come running
And I’ll be right there
I don’t want to say goodbye
I want to come by
I want, need you
And I know for certain you do too
For crying out loud pick that dam phone up
We cannot always live in hope
Dangling from each other’s ropes
My rock, rock, rocking guy
Come and complete your rock chick
And make it quick 
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
8th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

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