Thursday, 10 December 2015


The Longest Winter Season
It has dragged its heals
The long drawn out meals
The dark, dark nights
Just a glimmer of lights
So many faces
Distant but near
Crying in anguish
I feel it too it was distant keeping its distance
The suffering, the pain, the agony I felt was in vain
Or was it in vain?
The dreams the visions
All now what seemed a dream?
Were real, cascading through this mind
The fir trees shedding their cones
The mistletoe the rose
Oh now I so want, need to curl in a ball
To be comforted, soothed from this troubled tormented sorrow
Shroud myself in an invisible veil
Away from this world, would this be to no avail?
But it helps to be shrouded with this veil
Brings a comfort, security, peace and wisdom too
Maybe not for you!
I am not a prisoner to it
I see clearly, clarity,
Lucidity, simplicity,
I need this veil adorned never embellished
My thoughts and feelings privately cherished
No intrusions, private, no secret
The world can wait
On this
The Longest Winter Season
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

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