Monday, 14 December 2015


Lost in a world of fantasies
Fantasies, fantasies!
A world full of love and doom
The gloom in this room
Love, love
Oh love me please?
Lost in a world of falsies
Trapped, entrapped 
In this ugly side of love
The walls feel like a prison
I cannot reach out to you!
You’ve built these walls
I can escape
There is a shaft of light
To my right
What are you scared of?
Laying those feeling so bare
Bare, bare, bare!
What are you waiting for?
I’ve laid those, these feelings bare
Naked, naked
What is it that you cannot bear?
Can you not see that I care!
Care, care
Love is not ugly
But it is to you
You do not feel safe
You keep yourself locked
Do you know how it feels?
I feel so cold
Shivering, quivering
In my nakedness
Wanting, needing you to come out of the darkness
You’re living in a world of fantasies
Where there is no truth, trust, honesty
You’re not listening!
You’re the one floating on air
Without a care
This heart is heavy
Heavy, heavy
Please come and free me
From these burdensome walls
I don’t want to make it on my own
This heart wants to be owned
Owned by you!
And only you alone
Free me, free me
Free yourself
Free yourself
Free yourself from the shackles
Free yourself from those walls
Love is not ugly
Love is beautiful
Love is wondrous
Love can be complicated
But love can be serene
Serene between two
Come into my world that is so true
True, true
Love can be bitter sweet
Yet so sweet, sweet
I’ll keep pushing these walls
That is so tall
And boy oh boy it is up to you
The love is here
The love is here
Here for you always
Day in
Day out
Come rain or shine
This girl wants, needs you to be mine
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
14th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

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