Thursday, 17 December 2015


I’m in too deep
But I want to keep you
Never leave you
Yet I want to walk away
Away, away
I was once a silhouette
Walking in the shadows
The dark, dark shadows
Nothing real
Nothing surreal
I used to turn away
At lovers walking by
Hand in hand
Looking at each other lovingly
A woman and a man
Oh how I coveted
Wanting, needing
Needing, wanting
A man of my own
Walking hand in hand
I listened to love songs
Sobbing, weeping
Wishing, dreaming
That was me with my man
Just you and I
Me and you
Then you came
Out of nowhere
Like a maelstrom
Wondering, pondering
Why did you take so long!
Believing it would never happen
And here you are!
My dream, my wish
Yet I am so, so scared
It’s a pure love is ours
A love untainted
I cannot resist
I’m listening to reasons
The logical, the feelings
I’m closing my eyes
Then I open them
And you are still here by my side
Where I always want you to reside
This new love is bliss
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Singing, singing
Shouting out loud
That I must listen to love
My open heart
I must listen to love
This sweet, sweet love
This deep, deep love
This gentle, gentle love
Turning my world around
This heart goes out to you
Pounding, beating
Softly, gently
And my tears keep pouring
Pouring in happiness
And here we are
Crossing this bridge
A new bridge
A new beginning
In the lashing rain
Forgetting all my pain
Where there was nothing to gain
And this where I keep your heart
Where I’ll never let you go
Listening to my intuition
Singing a happy song
Yet this love scares me so 
Yet I love you in the here and now
Whatever the weather
Your love is brighter than the shining stars
Whatever the future holds
I’m holding onto the here and now
This love scares me so
But I’ll never let you go
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

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