Thursday, 28 January 2016

AS I LOOK (Part of my life story in poetry)

Far beyond the distance
Where the sun is setting
For the last time today
Far beyond this day
There lay
A past that seemed so vast
A past which seemed unreal
Like it never happened to this lady
This woman
Of this day
She swept the cobwebs away
Blew her mind, soul and heart
Right apart
It had to be done!
It needed to be done!
To undo all the pain
That came with such torrents of rain
The thunderous sounds
Which clapped, trapped
Me in a maelstrom
All around
A vortex out of control
Sucking, seeping, weeping
All that was crying out loud
Your water spout
Your stupid pout
That fooled others out
But now the maelstrom is over
It’s quiet, peaceful
The waters are calm
Just the gentle ripples remain
Reminding me nothing stays the same
Except my beauty, and my name
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th March 2014

All Rights Reserved

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