Sunday, 31 January 2016

GREEN EYED MONSTER (another part of my life story in verse/prose)

Why be so green with envy?
What is it that makes you so envious?
I am living the dream, the dream held for many years
You do not want it to happen, but it is too late to stop
You can give me hell and the devil as much as you want
But the green eyed monster within you will send you to the same place
He loves the envious, those that hold the envy
Those that have destroyed their own souls
Their own happiness, their own joy
He loves those that have lived without love
Without a passion, a life without a soul
He is in his bliss and joy
His fire is burning he is stoking the fires for the Green Eyed Monsters
Of this world and life
He is rubbing his hands together
He is cheering, he is taunting you
He so loves you now!
The devil has his door open waiting for you!
The fire is stoked, hissing, crackling
His visions of a mocking, scornful, sarcastic person
Morbidly envious of family and friends
The cutting the cut throat remarks
Oh boy is he loving you all!
And boy oh boy aren’t you dressed like the devil’s partner in crime!
He loves you; you are just like him all the way
So what are you going to do?
Destroy yourself or change the ways of
The Green Eyed Monster

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th March 2013

All Rights Reserved

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