Saturday, 30 January 2016


There has been manier time
That there has been a love lost and won
The cradled rocked from side to side
It’s weathered the storms from years gone by
The knocks, bangs and the chipping away
At the heart and soul of everything
The time has come for some beauty and grace
A balance, stillness, a place to rest
A ballerina poised even at rest
Taking the time away from time
Her anguishes, her pains
There is time to refrain
Withdraw from the frays
Quieting her thoughts to a silence
Breathing in new refreshed poise
Away from the noise
The love of her choice
The man of her choice
Her love now lost
Her cradle her rock
Her love once lost
The silent tears, her fears
How is she going to get through the years?
Her poise, her grace written on her face
Hiding what you cannot you see
Or is it hidden?
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
30th January 2016

All Rights Reserved

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