Thursday, 14 January 2016


Too sassy
Then I’m not alone
But and yet you do not own
I made a mistake!
Oh yes I did
One hell of a mistake
We exchanged numbers
We chatted
We nattered
Like we knew each other
From years gone by
And then it happened!
My worst nightmare
The talking stopped
The talking ceased
The silent phone calls
I thought you were my hope
A hope, a light
A light in this grim darkness
But you aren’t
You weren’t
The chilling nightmares
The chilling screams
The chilling feelings
The chilling knowingness
Right in the pit of my stomach
You hounded me
Did you not believe it scared me?
Or was that your intention?
There was a time when you said
I was classy, sassy
And all that you wanted, needed in a woman
Your shouting abuse
Vitriolic abusive language
I shut the phones off
Tried to scoff
But and yet you persisted
Now who’s running around in a car that is flashy?
Does she know what she is in for?
I do!
But here is the crux of the matter!
That’ll have you shattered
The police are on your tails
Yes tails!
You’re arse
And now I can let you come to pass
So call me everything that you want!
The jibes and vibes
Have all disappeared
With a stroke of a court order
That makes you disappear
My peace and quiet
Reigns supreme
Lessons learnt
No one gets inside of this head
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
14th January 2016

All Rights Reserved

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