Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Cascading years and fears
Downwards flows
Washing away the fears and tears
Washing away the wasted years
The rocking, rocking rocks
That has toppled, collapsed, tumbled
Your world
Tattered, battered, shattered
As you have slid and slided
Way down in the depths
Of despair
But down there in the despair
There is a light a shining
Shining so bright, maybe just a glimmer to you and I
But it is there within the tumbled weeds
The moss the stones, the grit and grime
That has gathered over time
Yet you look, seek and never find it!
Why look to me for it?
If you take that long, long look within
You’ll find it!
Your despair, your life with no care
I’ve done all I possibly can
It’s time to say goodbye
It’s time that you left me alone
It’s time that you not keep visiting me
It’s time that you find your own path
A path of enlightenment
A path that will lead you to a better environment
Look to the great outdoors
It’s there, it’s there
Look within yourself
It’s there, it’s there
Don’t glare
Don’t stare
Like you do not care
Like you do not want to
Like you want to live in a world of despair
I don’t want or need to be part of that pair
My life is elsewhere
You know this
You know that
I cannot be part of your tit for tat
I won’t let it
I won’t let it
I cannot let it
I’m not in despair
Please talk with your partner!
You know the current one
The one you love?
The one who is in your circle
The one who is not in mine!
Remember and never forget
We don’t have anything in common any longer
We’ve spent it all if you can remember
The dancing, the chit chatting
The heads together
The whispering so no one hears us
That has all stopped
I’ve stopped it
You now need to know the boundaries
And never to cross them
Is all I expect!
Nothing less, nothing more
So please, please leave me alone

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
2nd February 2016

All Rights Reserved 

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