Thursday, 4 February 2016


A spring day today
Love is in the air
New growth
And undergrowth emerging
Love is in the air
Right now …..
Spring has sprung
For the lovers too
These two know
That they love each other too
But he is not sure whether to ask or not
To tie the knot
Well this being the year of
A leap year
(Bear with me now
 I know that they don’t know that,
But let’s have a good story)
He he
Now Chippy (the male)
Is shy and reserved
But he adores
His Chitty (the female)
He worships the ground
That Chitty walks on
And the trees
That she walks on
And up
And down
He would do anything for her
Nothing a bother
Always a pleasure
Nothing a pain
But he just cannot find the words to say
His words come out all garbled
And not understood
He blushes with shame
And blames himself for his
Silly, stupid ways
‘What am I to do?’
He keeps asking himself
And runs off into the wood
Chitty sees and feels
His pain and concern
And hears all the garbled words
And knows what Chippy wants to
Chitty hatches a plan
For the next day
Knowing that Chitty is around all day
The day being
February 29th the only day
That is a leap year
When the ladies are able to propose
The their men
So Chitty is ready
And waiting for Chippy
To arrive
And surprise him the most
He standing before me
Looking all forlorn
And worried
I pluck up the courage
And just say it out loud
‘Chippy please marry me?’
Chippy is looking stunned
And now I am worried what he is going to say
And all of a sudden he stammers
‘I willllllll marrrrrrrrrrry you
Chitty just say when’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th Mary 2012

All Rights Reserved

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