Tuesday, 9 February 2016


There is a fire and a passion
That is surrounding me
Flames of desire
Not of the physical loves desire
A desire to be what I have always wanted to be
Myself and no else
Free from restrictions
Get out there and let it be
Let it be
Whatever it maybe
Let it be
This world that throws the flames
The destruction
Mass production
Where are our passions?
Those passions we held as a child
Those dreams
Alight with a burning desire
Caught up in a world
With a do this
Do that
Where is that
Who done that
Then a burning fire of rage
Wanting to fight back
But at times never knowing how
That raging fire is our ammo
The time to turn the tables
The time to get it back
The fire and passions
Oh sure as heck
Let’s get it back
Let it be with no anger
Or rage
Keep it cool and calmed
With a burning fires
Right in the heart
The soul
The spirit
With love
Free as can be

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th July 2012

All Rights Reserved
Taken from the book of poems
(c) Heartfelt Baring All 
(c) Teresa Joseph Franklin 

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