Friday, 19 February 2016


To spend the night
Holding you till the morning light
Holding each other tight
All night long
All day long   
Let me have the right to love you
Be with you eternally
Just you and me
Side by side
Let me have the right to reside
In the warmth of your tender embrace, embraces
Give me the right to be out of this rain
Where I feel your pain
Please give me hope
A hope that we can be together
Forever more
Give me the right to give you hope
A hope that you’ll never want to let go of
Let us wander and roam
Let us explore each other’s hearts and soul
I know that you have been hurt
I know that it has been torn apart
Wrenched, strained
She tugged and pulled at your heart strings
Did you not know that I was observing in the wings?
 I saw every action and your reaction
It tore me apart!
It broke my heart
The silent tears, my fears for you
I saw you retreat within yourself
Yet you kept the communication lines open
I heard you sobbing, crying
And kept on hoping 
Hoping, hoping
That you’ll let me in
Under your skin
Your very heart and soul
Never hold back
Give me the right to come out this rain
And ease your pain
I’m not begging, pleading
I’m just sat here bleeding
Bleeding for you my
‘Twin flame’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th February 2016

All Rights Reserved

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