Friday, 5 February 2016


With a wonderful view
It’s shaded, shaded with colours
Grey, as the day is long
Fanning, blowing and cooling
Whispering softly within the wind
Yet so desperately I try to hide
Hide from your words
Words that hurt so much
Was I the only one in love with you?
Were you ever in love with me?
Am I to walk this lonely, lonely road?
This lonely, lonely existence
An existence that’ll be empty without you
I need to run away
I need to go away
I need to get away
I need to find myself
All I want is for it to pour, pour with rain
Not this sunny, sunny day
All I ever wanted was for you to feel my love
But you pushed it aside
Pushed, pushed
It all away
Now I face this highway
A long, long highway
Alone, sadly alone
Maybe I pinned my hope too high
Too high for you
Was I not good enough?
Or was it that you were not good enough?
My head is spinning, spinning
The clouds swirling, swirling
Twisting and turning
Am I lonely?
Oh boy yes I am
The nights are too long
The lights are on since you’ve been gone
But yet you hurt me with your words
But little do you know!
I know, I know
It’s you that is so, so lonely
You’re too afraid
Scared, scared
It’s you that is not sleeping
You’re the one tossing and turning
Stomach churning
Someday you’ll realize that you were all I needed
Someday you’ll realize that I was all that you needed
Babe I hope that you are reading this!
The full chapter and verse
And here is what I am going to say
People like us should never be in love
People like us should never be alone 
People like us need to find that one love
Oh babe oh babe
Do they know?
Do you know?
Like I know
That we both need a miracle
The miracle is the love we need
Oh babe, oh babe
No one loves you like I do!
Oh babe, oh babe
This anger is burning us both
Where did I go wrong?
Call me, call me
Tell me, tell me
The day you walked out
I’m living a lie
A total lie, a total lie 
I keep telling myself there is no one else
I keep telling my heart it has to be so
But I know, know it is not so 
My heart is screaming
My heart is streaming
My heart has stopped dreaming
My heart has stopped feeling 
So why am I still dreaming of you?
So why do I want to feel you?
Enwrapped in your arms
Where I came to no harm
Oh babe, oh babe
It is so, so hard to say goodbye
And let you go, go
Never, ever be with you again
So for now I’ll stay
‘Hidden from view’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
4th February 2016

All Rights Reserved  

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