Friday, 12 February 2016


I’ve tried so hard to wash you away
Yet here you are still in my head and heart
It’s still tearing me apart
I just want to sleep
Sleep, sleep
Sleep the sleep without you
It feels like you are still here
So very near
So very close
I need to know the reason
The reasons for your leaving 
You’ve left me grieving, grieving
With your leaving
My inner smile has gone
My outer smile has gone
The world is so, so cruel
So cruel, so cruel
You were this world of mine
All the time
Every day, every night
You made me feel special
Special, special
Your kisses drove me wild
Your caresses drove me wild
You touched my inner soul
My inner soul
Now I cannot get you out of my head
Now I feel dead!
Dead, dead
Lifeless, lifeless
Drowning, drowning with grief
We were not just lovers
We were best friends
I cannot face this world alone
Alone, alone
Now it seems that I was in the wrong 
How? How?
When? When?
And now it seems that you never cared
All that you were bothered with was what you wanted to hear!
Now the summer sun has gone
The dream has disappeared
You took my heart
Tore it right apart
The summer sun now burns my skin
The water no longer cleansing my skin
You took my heart without considering
Oh, oh what a fool
Fool to let it happen
I’ll get over you
I’ll get over you
Let the snow fall
Let this mind freeze
Let this mind go free
Let the skies fall
Let the snows fall
Let the skies continually be grey
And this heart goes away
I’ll always remember you
I’ll know exactly what you’ll say
Leave, leave
All the pain where there is nothing to gain
You say my tears will dry
Then you walk on by
With no good bye
I thought we had the good life!
A good thing, a good thing
Our own sweetest of things
Oh I cannot get you out of my head
Will you ever know what you have done to me?
You made me so, so happy
Now there is only darkness
A stark, stark darkness
Listen, listen to this heart
That has been broken right apart
Will this heart find its rightful home?
I’m going, going to surely try
I know that I’m going to miss your embraces
Yet surely know that you’ll never come back to me
Oh boy I cannot get you out of my head
All our yesterdays
Gone, gone
In another time and space
Gone, gone
But never forgotten
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
12th February 2016

All Rights Reserved 


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