Saturday, 20 February 2016


It’s only a matter of time
And then you’ll be completely mine
Its only time that this heartbreak departs
Its only time that we will never, never depart
Its only time that we’ll sing in rhyme
Be yours and mine
All the Monday blues saying goodbye
Tuesday brings the hues
All the colours of the rainbows 
Wednesday oh how the wind blows
Blowing your love this way
Oh how bliss
The bliss of never being alone
Thursday I cannot wait to hold you!
Be in your constant view
Oh how can all this be true?
Friday the end of the week
Knees trembling and weak
It’s only a matter of time
Where we will be as one
Wrapped in each other’s arms
Where I will feel no harm
Oh boy, oh boy
It is only a matter of time!
We’ll laugh and cry
And let this world pass us by
Holding, kissing, embracing
Our eyes meet
It’s only a matter of time
Tonight, tonight
We both know what we are feeling
I cannot let go
It’s only a matter of time
Tonight, tonight
And all of our tomorrows
I cannot wait!
It’s only a matter of time
Never let me wait
Don’t ever let me wait
Oh no, no don’t keep me waiting
Oh my baby, oh my babe
We have the time and space
Where love will always be ours
Our love story will be our legend
Legendry, legendry
Even though you will away
Love will lead you back to me
It’s only a matter of time
Enwrapped, enraptured
It’s only a matter of time
When the weekend arrives
Then I’ll have you all to myself
Wrapped, wrapped
Entrapped in your love
Mind, body and soul
We’ll be into each other
Oh boy, oh boy
It’ll only be a matter of time
Pure ecstasy
Pure passion
Flesh on flesh
Our bodies meshed  
It’s just a matter of time
When we’ll never be disentangled 
I cannot let go
I don’t want you to go
It’ll make me feel low
We have an infinite chemistry
That’ll see us through history
We have a selfish love
That no one can share
Just us, just us
You’re my escape from reality
You’re my sunshine in the rain
And now that you are here with me
The sun shines brilliantly
You’re my strength and weakness
Is this love?
I’m so in love with you
And now that you are here in this life
I am not letting go
Or is it a matter of time?
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th February 2016

All Rights Reserved 

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