Monday, 29 February 2016


Out of this lonesome state
I stand at heaven’s gate
I stand and wait
Waiting, waiting
Hoping, hoping 
I hear your lonesome calling
Deep, deeply
I hear your lonesome crying
As if you are dying
Oh if only I could be with you!
And end your lonesomeness
Oh if I could only find you!
Along this lonesome road
Is there a reason for your broken heart?
Can we join together in the silver lining?
That silver lining
That is shining 
Shining so brightly
Bringing the best hope ever
Hope for all lovers so true
Through and through
Breaking through the broken hearted
The ever departed
Can we lose this moment?
Can we gain from all the moments?
Truly, truly we can!
I’m hoping and wishing on all our todays
Tomorrows with no sorrows 
Hoping, hopeful, hopefully
Can you? Could you
Show me the way?
I truly hope so!
Am I hoping too hard?
Am I hoping that the best is yet to come?
Am I hoping that our hearts will meet?
I truly, truly hope so
Surely, surely
You’ll show me the way
Are we all not looking for the same?
That elusive dream
That elusive love
That elusive feeling contented, contentment
A heart that would never be misused
A heart that feels lifted
Oh I am hoping
That you’ll show yourself
And show me the way
In every way
And keep each other’s hearts so, so strong
Blow away these gray, gray, scudding clouds away
Calm the oceans, seas within
Calm the tormenting bleak, bleak days
Oh come and show me how and the way
Our tomorrows are just a matter of time
I’m holding on, on and on
To this life, life
Show me the way
That all our once upon time will truly come true
Come what may I’ll be holding onto to each day
Show me the way for this heart to beat like thunder
Show, show me!
Show me how we can be
Show me the way
Today and everyday
For the rest of our lives
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
29th February 2016

All Rights Reserved 

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