Sunday, 21 February 2016


That we are worlds apart
In this world we are looking for something different
But that is so, so natural, normal
But when two minds meet
There is no such thing as a greet
We’ll know instinctively
That we are totally perfect
Perfection personified
To know that we are so, so right
Yet right now it is tearing me apart
Because you are my special thing
And right now I’m not flying
Oh how this is tearing me apart
Clipped wings
And here I stand waiting in the wings
Know that I’ll never let you go
I have been told that you are watching too
Waiting and watching in the wings
Why? Why?
The winds I’m hoping will send you to me
Blowing the grey, grey scudding clouds away
Despairing, despairing
Patience, patience
That you’ll arrive on the gentlest of breezes
The sun shining gloriously
Time, time
Patience, patience
Oh my love this is tearing me apart
Come my love if your heart has been torn apart
We’ve both been torn apart
But always remember and never forget
There is nothing like love, love
Time, time
Gentleness, gentleness
Tenderness, tenderness
Oh my love I promise you
That I’ll save all my loving for you
Please, please wait for me
Like I’m waiting for you
Time, time
Tomorrow is not today!
Time after time
When time never seems to rhyme
My love is on the line
Whilst I stand waiting on this cliffs edge
Whilst standing on this ledge
My dreams seem like fantasies
Fantasies that seem so unreal
They are hanging so heavy in my heart
Come and free me
Free me from this darkness
That is staring at me with such starkness 
This life is not made of bed roses
I’m floating in a sea of strangers
When I should be floating with you
Where strangers will no longer be important
Oh this is tearing me apart
Come, come to my heart
And end this tearing apart
Oh my love
Oh my heart
Oh my soul
End this distance
Soon, soon
And be free, free
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
21st February 2016

All Rights Reserved

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