Friday, 26 February 2016

YOU SIT BEFORE ME (inspired from my childhood days)

So soft and gentle
Delicate, yet subtle
Why oh why do we adore you?
Is it your saving grace?
Here with us on this heavenly space?
Whatever, no matter
Your beauty will always shine forth
Even in the darkest, greyest of days
Your beauty shines, glows happily
We wonder, ponder
At your vision
We wonder, ponder
What you think of us
Yet leaning into you I know what I am thinking
I cannot let you go
I want, need to see you grow
Grow, grow
You bring such love unconditionally
For each and every one of us
You have taught me to be gentle and so, so delicate
How to love
How to trust
Like I know that I can trust you
With my love and devotion
Protecting you through the winds and rains
Your beauty shining, brightening
Through my deepest darkest days
Through my childhood days
Seeking, searching the beauty of flowers
Even through the showers
You glistened, gleamed, shimmered 
Holding you so gently, delicately
In my childhood, adulthood hands
In awe, awestruck
At your amazing, astonishing
Startling, miraculous, marvelous
Heaven sent
Sent for me and you
You’ll always remain a memory
A memory so sweet and simple
Purely and simply
Oh how you make me feel whole
For all eternity
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
25th February 2016

All Rights Reserved 

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