Thursday, 3 March 2016


And oh what a fool!
I was blinded to all the pulling this way and that way
Never in one spot or place
Oh what a disgrace!
You had me down
My face in a permanent frown
Never happy
Oh what a fool!
When all I can see that I was just your tool
A tool that you used
Oh what a fool!
A heart in tatters, tattered
Shattered, shattered
And now I can see the cracks
The fractures, the crevasses
That almost had me downed
Oh why oh why was I so blind?
Fooled by your love that what it was
But now I see you for what you were
And what you are!
And glad that it is over
Uncoil this mess
Get myself dressed
In my Sunday best
Get back with my in crowd
Where there is not much crying out loud
You may look!
But I am no longer your book
Turning the pages, page by page
Flipping through the best parts
And tearing them apart
Just like you did with this heart
Oh boy, oh boy
Now I can sing and dance
Jam, jam to my tune
Now I am my own DJ
And the cracks are all mine
Cracks that I’ll not fall through
Oh boy that is the truth
And here I am all over the place
Unbounded unfolded
Swishing, swashing
To my own rhythm
And finding the ecstasy
What you feel is untrue
What you feel is happiness
Is so, so untrue
Through and through
No longer am I banded, blinded
By you, you
This heart will mend in time
And not with your rhyme
Rhyme or rhymes
Over and over again
A constant repeating
Why oh why
I should have known better
Blinded, blinded
By your false, false love
I know I’ll know better next time
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
3rd March 2016

All Rights Reserved 

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