Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Empty spaces
Too many of them
This time
Right now
Just isn’t right
Right now I need this place
Quietness, stillness
It may seem stark
Sand, sand everywhere
Bare, naked, stripped
Of any good
So fits this mood
Is all around me
Not a whisper
Just a gentle breeze
Frozen to the spot
Echoing my dark feelings
Round and round I go
Walking aimlessly
Round and round
Ever increasing circle
Alone with my thoughts
Crazy mixed up feelings
Blue, blue
Trying so hard to chase
Them away
Blue, blue hues
Misty moon a gathering
Misty eyes, gloomy eyes, dark, dark eyes
Sleep, sleep, and please come to me!
These shadows won’t go away
You are in my weary, exhausted mind
Clouding, blurring, confusing my thoughts
Burrowing deeper and deeper
 I can no longer escape
Tomorrow is the day
Face it, face it!
It is not going away
Fear is not with me
It is the voice
Telling me what to do
When I know I shouldn’t
Keep running away
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
16th March 2016

All Rights Reserved

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