Thursday, 10 March 2016


When all I thought was it was give and take
Oh how wrong I was!
Can see it all now
You kept taking
And left me forsaken
Oh this mean, mean life
When I now see your strife
And where you played with the devil
Devil, devilish
I’ll get over you!
The summer won’t be too long
It’ll make me strong, stronger
I’ll have hopefully shed all my tears
No one told me
I’ve forgiven myself
For feeling, falling for you
Now this rose is drooping
Drooping, drooping
I believed you!
How your words were so true
Now they lay so stale
Drove me almost insane
I believed you
And here I sit still feeling the fool
When you touched me it felt so real
You were all I needed, wanted
When I used to close these eyes
It seemed all surreal
Now it is so, so untrue
Through and through
I’ll see each day through
I know loving you was true
But here I sit
Sit, sit
Feeling like shit!
Yet still in love with you
I know what is right and wrong
And now you are gone
No backwards glance
Just your evil trance
And your stance
The time and space
In time will erase
I looked into your eyes
You sure know how to disguise
Boy oh boy
You’ll regret it!
It’ll come back to you
Someday, someday
Until then this fool
Will make it
I’ll fight this to the end
All I see is the truth now!
Whoa, whoa
Maybe you were my mistake
And all the answers have become clear
This lady will keep moving
Moving, moving
Away from you!
You’ll never know
That I was the best
Lest you forget
You’ll never understand
You’ll never comprehend
That one day I’ll be in demand
You’ll keep wondering, pondering
What you have left!
But boy oh boy
It looks like nothing right now!
An empty shell
Left upon the shelf
You’ll be a once was memory
And heaven will heal this heart
And lead me to my paradise
And not someone who took me as their mistake
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th March 2016

All Rights Reserved 

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