Tuesday, 1 March 2016

THERE'S NO DOUBT (new poem)

That I’m going to scream and shout
This amazing, amazing feeling
This feeling of being loved, adored
This heart is ready to love and adore you
It’s ready to put up a fight
Surely I can say there is no doubt
Surely my life has begun once again
Oh babe, oh babe
This is how it should be
You and me
Surrounded by you, you
Enwrapped, enraptured
Oh boy oh boy
You have captured me
Oh the way I am feeling
Oh boy I have found someone that I can trust
Finally, finally
This ladies heart is singing happily
Oh boy and I’ll be so, so true
Night and day
Day and night
Oh babes tell me why you are driving me crazy?
Oh babes there is no more tears, fears
Oh babes is this real?
It all seems so surreal, unreal
Seven whole days to wait!
Baby, baby
No one makes me feel like you do
You’re my world
You are all that matters
Ours is not an ordinary love
I keep wanting, needing 
You, you
I keep feeling crazy, crazy for you
I’m falling, falling
Deeper, deeper with you
Oh babes help me!
Come and take me!
Before I cry, cry
Die, die
Oh babes come and take me
On a high, high!
Oh babes come and take me to paradise
Oh babes your eyes are like diamonds
Shining, shining at me
Shining, shining like the stars above
Shining, shining at me
I cherished each day
No one can take that away
No one, no one
Never a shadow of doubt
Never asking for more than I need
Never demanding more and more of you!
But babes I want to
I need you to fill this empty need
Fill this desire
Set me on fire
Oh cannot stop thinking of you!
Never, ever a shadow of doubt
Oh babes it always feels so good
But, babes I miss you
These nights are lonesome, lonely
Without a shadow of doubt
Oh babes I’m screaming for you!
Come back, come back
And fill these days with you
You, you
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st March 2016

All Rights Reserved 

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