Friday, 4 March 2016


So, so bright
That gave me a fright
You’re the man that I’ll spend the years with
You’ve uncovered this soul
You’ve uncovered this heart
This heart that was so, so torn apart
Or as you put it
“Torn to shreds”
You’ve helped heal this heart
You’ve helped heal this shattered, tattered soul
Bringing me back to myself
Instead of me leaving myself on that lonesome shelf
You’ve given me your heart
And now you’re all that matters
And it feels so, so good
That you’re the man that I am going to love
Love you forever and a day
I’m counting my blessings
Daily, daily
And here is sit in the middle of nowhere
Huddled, cuddled
Quietly, silently
Looking, staring
Into the distance
Oh you are my miracle
The flowers bloom
The clouds passing by
Right in front of these eyes
Oh how I was blind to see
Now you’ve made this woman happy
Full of glee
You’ve filled me with such strength
I used to choke on anger
And here you are!
Like a calming ocean
Tempering, calming
This once tempestuous maelstrom
Oh, oh boy I love you
No more sleeping in the darkness
No more living in the bleakness
You are my day and night
Till the day break
This is no secret love affair
The whole world will get to know!
This feels so right!
In the dark and the night
In the day light so, so bright
Oh boy you came with a flash of light
A lightning strike
And here we are!
Wanting, needing the same thing
Love, love
Oh and here we are
Listening to the violins strings
Emotional, emotive
Passionate, passionately 
Just like our love is!
Oh such heavenly bliss!
And one that I shall never, ever miss
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
4th March 2016

All Rights Reserved

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