Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A TIGER WITHIN MY SOUL (updated poem)


I can feel it there
Deep inside
Prowling around
And a growling
Roaring sound.

I can see you
Right in front of my eyes
A vision of
A creature that is so
Colours that only
Belong to you.

 Your colours so rare
Of pure orange and black
Striped from your head
To your straight back
Who wouldn’t be frightened
Or scared of this magnificent
Big Cat.

Your reputation speaks volumes
Some not so good
They despise you
For being a killer
But what is there to do?
They have taken your kingdom
That was your kingdom come.

I see you as a beauty
I feel that beauty
Just like a rose
A symbol of love
Passion, devotion
Low and behold

Dig, dig so deep within
Your soul
Eye to eye
What do you see?
You and me
Fighting for what is right
And not what is wrong
We are of the same
Tigress to Tigress
So powerful and strong
We will never
Be the end

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th April 2016

All Rights Reserved

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