Friday, 1 April 2016

APRIL SHOWERS (new poem)

And here I am out there
Enjoying the rain
Washing all the pain
Away, away
And in the distant the beach
Just out of reach
The wind swirling, curling
Round and round
The sounds
Pitter pattering
Scattering the winter away
Spring is here
And here hopefully comes the sunshine
Bringing hope
Bringing in the blooms
The glorious sunrises and sunsets
So let this be the raining month
As it brings in the next season
Summer, summer
The sand in our toes
The walking along the beaches
Searching for those elusive sea shells
That is so buried in the sands
The beaches are still desolate
With the exception of the few
Dogs jumping and leaping
Lovers walking hand in hand
Ducking and diving the waves
Churning, turning
Oh how I wish!
That I had a dish
To walk, to stroll
Along this and that beach
But I know that you are not that far out of reach
You are out there
And I am out there
It’s just a matter of time
When we’ll walk and talk
In rhyme
Summer, summer
The heat, the beat
Of distant drums
Ringing, singing in my head
The rhythm swimming
Swaying, swaying away
Oh come on summer!
Bring on this sought after love
A universal love
All my past ghosts gone
The beginning of new
Please give me the simple life
Free from all of the strife
Walk through this life
Walk through the wind and rain
Where many whispers remain
Yet they are our pasts
That never last
It’s the here and now
It’s the one day at a time
Evenings strolling and walking
In this spring rain
They’ll be washed away
Bringing in the glistening sunshine
Leaving a renewed scent
Of a new day and night
Oh and now I am going home
After this roam
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st April 2016

All Rights Reserved

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