Wednesday, 6 April 2016

CRYSTAL BALL (updated poem)

We all have the magic
That resides within our souls
And beautiful

Look more closely
At what resides
A dove of peace
A love unconditional
So deep inside
A love so pure
And simple
A gift from
Heavens store
For ever more

Take a look more closely
A trust that holds
No bounds
Heaven sent
With a trustworthy intent

Listen very carefully
To what your heart is trying to tell you
Close your mind form the day
And listen to the quiet
Voice instead of the din
A voice so pure
And simple
That eases the pain away

As you silence the noise
And hear your own voice
Then you have found
The person you really are
Not me, just you
Your uniqueness
Let the voice ring
Loud within

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th April 2016

All Rights Reserved

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